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Extensive training by the U.S. Navy, Army and Marine Corps. Combat service in Afghanistan. Hundreds of hours of civilian firearms training. Dozens and dozens of gun possession and use cases as a Prosecutor and defense attorney. My background is extensive. What you may not know is that many cops and deputy district attorneys know very little about firearms. As a result, gun crimes are often charged incorrectly or wrongfully. Call me and tell me about your case. Let me analyze your case and give you a fighting chance. In the Bay Area, law enforcement and prosecutors are tough on gun owners. They're tough on anybody they see near a gun. Know what you're up against, and have an attorney who knows how to handle it. 

Veterans Issues

I am a combat veteran and Bronze Star Medal recipient with over 17 years of service with the United States Navy and Marine Corps. If you are a veteran facing criminal charges, I will work to divert your case out of the normal court system when appropriate. I have dealt extensively with the VA system. I will put my experience with the military and the VA to work for you. If you've served, you deserve to be treated with dignity.


With over 25 years and 350,000 miles of personal riding experience (that's my bike on the left), I am able to understand legal issues related to motorcycling in ways most attorneys can't. When you face criminal charges involving riding a motorcycle, call me. As a rider, you know that police treat you differently than other people. Let me help you level the playing field.

Criminal Defense

When your freedom is on the line, you need the best representation you can afford, no exceptions.  Before becoming a defense attorney, I spent seven years as a District Attorney, learning exactly how prosecutors think, act, and work. Your case will be given close attention, and I will work hard to secure the best outcome possible. This is the core of my practice. From disturbing the peace to murder, I have experience handling all manner of criminal cases, and I can handle yours. Call me, and let me hear to your story and discuss your situation.